Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm going to Disneyland!

I'm going to Disneyland! I'm so excited!!
We're leaving cold, cold Copenhagen this Thursday to go on a mini vacation to visit my father-in-law in Las Vegas and go on a small roadtrip to California!
The best part is we're going to be there for Halloween! I've never been to the States for Halloween -can't wait to see all the decorations and costumes!!
It will be my second visit to Disneyland in California (first visit was our honeymoon..) I've been to Disneyworld in Florida and Disneyland Paris too... I love Disney!

Wish they still had these souvenir pens in Disneyland....

I'll leave you with a picture from Disneys Fantasia.. Burlesque ballet...
Thats the dance I'm doing right now!!! That and plain jumping up and down....


  1. How exciting! I've been to CA a few times but haven't made it to Disney yet!

  2. how fun!! i visit Disneyland probably once a year (i live about an hour away). have a great trip...enjoy las vegas too!!

  3. Congratulations! How fun! I absolutely love Disney too (I live in Florida so it's a bit easier to get there!). I'm sure you'll have a marvelous time.

  4. is that really an old disneyland souvenir?! guess they've dialed down the sex a lot!


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