Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank you, again!

I won an award again! Thank you sweet Stefanie from "It's All Make Believe, Isn't It?" for thinking of me...
Glad these awards are only virtual or else I might have a problem finding room for them on the mantlepiece.. (actually I don't have a mantlepiece..)

The rules are: give this award to 10 glamorous bloggers that you love; link them in your post; and let them know you awarded them.

I love and enjoy all the blogs that I follow so it's getter harder and harder to choose I might as well begin from the top...

1. Golden girl of the West
2. Andie B. Goode
3. Blonde and Red
4. It'll Take The Snap Out Of Your Garters
5. Kitty Von Purr
6. Little Rascal
7. Millie Deel
8. Pretty Little Things
9. Sirens Sexy
10. Vintage Starlet

Thank you, ladies for the wonderful posts and pictures! Now it's your turn....


  1. Congratulations!

    Have you seen the lingerie giveaway I'm having on my blog? I'd love it if you entered. :-)

  2. Thanks sweetie! It was completely unexpected :)


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