Thursday, April 15, 2010

My own crown creations

Here is a few of the hats and fascinators I've made during the years.. I've made many more for friends and family and I've sold a few as well -but these are mine.
Please excuse the poor quality photos they're from my Iphone, my regular camera isn't working:(

These are the ones I use the most, there are many more..
(Including a leopard one that will be featured in the next post...)

The newest and my favorite at the moment! A black base made from lightweight wool overlaid with black dotted tulle and adorned with yellow grosgain ribbon.

Black straw, cherry blossoms and vintage dotted veil...

Dotted tulle, rosy satin and pearl...

Made from quilted satin and mink tails. I wore this for Christmas last year.

The french maid...

I made this for Easter. wearing it... Excuse the no make up face... also seeing myself without earrings makes me feel naked...


  1. So beautiful! I love that black one with the yellow ribbon.

  2. wow, i adore all of those. you are so talented, do you make any to sell currently?

  3. Thank you ladies! :) I'll hopefully be able to sell a few like these soon in my Etsy shop which is currently empty... Thanks for asking.

  4. You are a very talented lady! I want them all! But I'm very happy with my blue one ;) x

  5. the black one with the polka dot ribbon.. I NEED it.
    NEED, is not a strong enough word.. but. OMG.
    Such talent! wow!!

    Please please please let me know when it becomes for sale. I would love to buy it. then of course do a blog about it!!!!

  6. these are so are so talented! when or where do you sell these?
    xoxo alison

    p.s. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. very pretty stuff, love vintage hats!

  9. Really beautiful, everyone of them!


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