Monday, May 30, 2011

From the boudoir

Thank you Instagram for making my photos look a bit more interesting;)


  1. Just beautiful! I'm a fan of Instagram too, it makes everything look pastel perfect. I LOVE your bambi tattoo and I can see we share a love for cute vintage animal figurines. x

  2. My dear friend, such wonderful pics full of fantasy and beauty.

  3. Dearest Heidi, thank you so much for your lovely comment ! i was just about to keep that straw hat for myself, but ...well, I have enough hats. So, if you want it, here's the link :[begin_at]=5&tt_products[product]=578&cHash=aba862d42b

    Cheerio, Frollein von Sofa

  4. Oh, you're too sweet ! I absolutely understand ! We are pretty much in the same position - it's all about food and rent ! I am dreaming of getting a pair of new shoes for ages....I wish you great success with you business and I'm sure there will be a chance some day to get yourself a pretty straw hat ! all the best wishes from Berlin, Frollein

  5. I'm from Brasil!
    I love very much this blog. xoxo


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