Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I still love Kittens!!

Another of my old posts again...sorry.. I promise I will post something new and exciting soon!
Just thought this was relevant since I'm getting that tattoo I was writing about in a few weeks and all the inspiration helped...
I will post photos of the tattoo as soon as it's mine...
(Hope I will be able to get a real kitten too someday...)

I'm getting a new tattoo..
-and I really want a kitten in some sort of outfit 'cause I love dressed-up animals ...not in real life though only in pictures...
These are a great inspiration..
But which one will it be?....

Riding kitten?

Smoking cool cat?

Mommy cat?

Circus cat?

Little girl kitten? -with Lily-of-the-valley.. one of the most beautiful flowers in the whole world.

The Pixi-book above was one of my favorites... about a kitten who skips school and goes fishing!

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