Thursday, August 13, 2009

The missing photo....

I have a regret regarding my wedding -not my marriage or my husband just the wedding! Actually I have a few but I'll rather have a great marriage and a lousy wedding than the other way around, right?

We got married excatly a year and a half ago today at 'The Little White Wedding Chapel' in Vegas at the drive thru window. There were only the two of us, nothing fancy, no flowers, no rings, no photos, only love... (my old, borrowed and blue was my father-in-laws old, blue car..)

I'm hoping we'll have a proper wedding party someday for our friends and family -with a beautiful dress for me, a huge cake, rings for the both of us and a great wedding photo off course! I really miss not having a picture to look at and reminiscence...
So I've developed an obsession with other peoples wedding photos, I will post my grandparents wedding photos later on, they're a dream! In the mean time here are some of my favorite celebrities getting married.... and like most of them maybe I'll have more than one wedding -hopefully with the same man though...

My favorite -Betty Grable... Beautiful hair..

Betty again... (actually I think this was before the above..)

Sally Rand

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Taylor and Burton again...

..and again (same wedding though..)

Norma Jean... Love the hat/veil!

Marilyn Monroe

Dolly Parton

Elvis and Priscilla (..hope we can top that cake;)

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