Thursday, June 3, 2010

Look what I found!

I went to the postoffice yesterday to pick up a package, the three ladies who work there (young and older..) always shower me with compliments which leaves me smiling and a little embarrassed... They're always interested in what I'm doing and where I'm going and have a hard time believing me when I say I'm just going to work.. They must think I lead a glamorous life;)
I like to make people smile and compliments are always nice and I do get a lot (if I do say so myself) on my hair, makeup and the way I dress and from all kinds of people too -young and old, men and women... but I must admit I don't always like all the attention... Is that rude? I always take the time to talk and I'm always positive but maybe I'm just too shy...

Anyway, here's what I picked up at the postoffice..

Gorgeus snakeskin shoes! They fit perfectly!!! I just love the shape of these.. peeptoe and that lovely arch or whatever you call it...

When I went back from work I stopped at a small thriftstore 'cause I saw this in the window..

A battery operated cocktail mixer! Never used! But I need a little help on this.. -there are some great recipes for cocktails written on the box and on the mixer itself but what the heck is a "jigger"?? I'm not a rutined cocktail mixer or drinker for that matter and all the recipes start with "use a jigger of.." or "2 jiggers" etc. Help, please!

I also found a couple of books.. An Alfred Hitchcock presents kinda collection of murderous short stories called:"Once upon a time there was a murder"...
And of course Boccaccio's "Decameron" -medieval erotic stories.. It's not the entire book though only the juiciest tales... All in all, perfect Summer readings...

Oh, and off course I found an apron... (I must have over 50 by now...) I just love the color combo of the lavender and black and the little lady with the parasol... and it matched my leopard print playsuit so well...


  1. Oh, wait.. I found out what a jigger is -It's a measuring cup.. off course.. I looked it up on something called "Google".... Slow...

  2. Oooh, I love the apron! And the shoes, too.
    I don't think it's rude to not always want the attention - I feel exactly the same way. I get so embarrassed sometimes. And, without sounding conceited, I also get a lot of compliments. It IS lovely but I think I'm also too shy.
    -Andi x

  3. Great finds, I especially love the apron!

  4. A jigger is a metal double-sided measuring utensil (almost looks like the end of a candle snuffer). You can get one at most major stores like Target. Once you get one, make sure to use the correct side of the jigger or you may over pour.

  5. I want those shoes! Oh i am so jealous!

  6. My God, where did you get those shoes?
    And that apron does match perfect. It was made for you!

  7. Thank you Tart Deco for teaching me;) I'll be on the lookout for a Jigger (love the name!)
    I got the shoes on Ebay of all places $20! -in great condition and they're not that small (6 1/2) they just have the perfect shape that makes them look smaller...


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