Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In the early 1950's my grandma Ketty met this handsome fella...

My grandfather Børge -also known as Pedersen which was his last name (it used to be mine too..)
I went through the family photos and found an album I had never seen before...

His photos from when he was in the army, stationed in Germany in 1953 and 1954. He drew the frontpage himself... It says: "Memories from the Danish Commando in Germany" his soldier number and his last name... I looove the bow!

The first two photos was of this lovely lady...

I believe it's the wonderful Vera Ellen from "The Belle of New York" and it looks like he took the pictures at the movies;) sadly I never had the chance to ask him about this.. I love Vera Ellen too!

The rest of the photos (there are quite a few..) are of him and his soldier buddys, they look like they had a great time, smoking, drinking, figthing for fun etc.

He loved motorcycles, cars, trucks and everything in between and was a truckdriver for many years... He always kept his cars and other family members cars and/or bikes in the best condition possible, he repaired them (often with my dad and my uncle..) washed and shined them up and would always give you a kind reminder to keep your bike clean.. "It'll run smoother" he said;)
He was also a very dedicated smoker  -cigarettes and pipe. He loved his garden, he had the greenest lawn in town and spend every second he could in the sunshine, he always had a great tan...

Here's a couple of him and I together when I was very little....

I love this one where I have my arm around him...

I miss him sooo much! We all do...

I'll post more later on of my grandparents wedding and their children....

Oh, I almost forgot here's to you Grandpa'!!! Enjoy..
Naughty but nice;)


  1. Thanks Ketty to share with us these beautifull pics.
    The last one with you is the best, it's very touching.

    On the last pics, you were already vintage ;p

  2. Thank you for enjoying them...
    He,he love those late 70's;)

  3. What a treasure trove of garndfather-love and memories...with a 'delicious' side-order of Vera, to boot! This was all so wonderful-- thank you for sharing him, who you hold so dear to your heart.

  4. Oh what wonderful memories you must have, the photos are beautiful. I just love reading and looking at people's family and the stories, lovely!

  5. As we grow older we suddenly look our family a little closer treasuring the thin (or strong) fabric that keeps us all together. Thanks for a beautiful post and for the comments you left on mine. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing these with us! They're great. =D I wish I had known my grandfather.
    -Andi x

  7. Thank you ladies for all your kind words! It means a lot to me:)

  8. love all those pictures with family stories, thanks for sharing all the treasures.


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