Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Holiday

You might have guessed by now that Summer is my favorite time of year. In Denmark we are lucky to have one month a year with temperatures over 20 degress Celcius, (that's 68 Fahrenheit) so I use every opportunity I get to soak up the sun and store some heat for the long cold Fall and Winter.
Now this past weekend was perfect! My daughter and I went to the Summerhouse Friday afternoon and my husband joined us Saturday and we all went back late Sunday evening...

It had everything a Summer weekend should have... Sun!!! Heat!!! (90 fahrenheit!) Fleamarkets, icecream, fresh fruit bought on the farm, bike rides in the forest, bathing in the sea, BBQ, music, picking flowers, reading, fishing, getting tan-lines;) We did so much and yet it was so relaxing and it felt like we spend a whole week there (I wish!)
I even had time to snap a few photos...

Sweet little Summerhouse... You can see the roses and lavenders in front...

The book I read. Short stories written in the 40's by Danish authors..

Husband looking all shy and daughter stepped on a bug:)

Daughter and her beloved crocodile or is it an alligator? We couldn't quite figure that out..

My daughter took this... I'm usually the photographer so there are not many pictures of me in the family album...

Sunset fishing... Didn't catch anything this time though... but who cares when the weather is this amazing at 9.30pm!


  1. Sounds really lovely! And lovely pics! You got me all dreamy now. :)

  2. Beautiful photos...You look amazing!!!


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