Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Give away.. tease...

I made it! 100 followers! YAY! Thank you people!!! I'm still putting together the give away -I promise I'll hurry... and it'll be good!
I will put it up later this week -because in one week and a day I'll be flying to Las Vegas!!!
We will have our annual, much needed, vacation in the States, I can hardly wait!!! -and I'm still open to suggestions on what to do and see in the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, SoCal area... I got a little advice here... Thank you so much but I'm open to more, please....

Wouldn't it be sweet to win the jackpot?! -or the Mega Bucks?
It's not very likely to happen though, especially since I'm not much of a gambler and seeing that my father in law, who lives in Vegas, tried winning for the last 30 years with nothing much to show I'll be spending my money on stuff that really counts like Cream Soda and Krispy Kremes;) ..and shoes!


  1. Congrats on reaching 100 followers, and have fun in America!

  2. Yay 100! I won in Vegas a few years ago, only $1200 but it paid for a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon which we couldn't have afforded otherwise!! Have fun!

  3. Thank you, Thank you:) We will surely have fun!
    @Straight Talking Mama.. How awesome is that!? I want a helicopter ride too! Maybe I should gamble? -just a little....

  4. Congrats!! And enjoy your vacation!have fun!


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