Monday, August 9, 2010

I need!

I read this post by the lovely Miss Casey today that made my fever rise...
As I mentioned earlier we've been saving to go to USA next month and therefore I've been dreaming of buying shoes, many shoes, more shoes!

I'm pretty sure I can't live without these:

Betty from Miss L

 Lola from Miss L


Poetic License

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

Ketty :) by the Danish brand Lola Ramona ...I actually like the name better than the design;)

Last year I went to the Remix store in LA and tried on the lovely Ritas I had been dreaming about sitting at home on the net... I decided to buy a pair of two toned caramel and cream spectator babydolls that I fell instantly in love with instead -so this time I'm hoping I can bring home a pair of white or red or maybe yellow Ritas... Who knows, maybe I'll end up buying a different pair again...

..and I'll keep dreaming about these.... by guess who...


  1. Love the Louboutins but absolutely not affordable and 95% sell on ebay are copies. Pfffewwww ..... One day when we will be rich girlz .... :)

  2. Oh my goodnes. I have never heard of this brand before! Gonna check it out right now!!! Thx!

  3. I love the Melissa slingbacks with cherries *___*

  4. I know! What's a girl to do??? and regarding the Louboutins I know I'll spend my money on many other things like travelling and such... But yes "If I was a rich girl.."

  5. Oh yes. I love love love Miss L Fire shoes! (and the cherry cuties from Melissa). Dreamy!


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