Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love Bird

I miss our parakeet... We had her for almost 7 years but in April this year she got sick and died...
She was a big English parakeet -so cute and very social, loved sitting on my shoulder when I was walking around the house or taking a nap on my belly when I watched TV. She was snow white but she had a pink mineral stone she would rub against and thus she turned pink -we girls love a bit of rouge;)

I'm hoping that we can get a new bird sometime soon I miss having an animal and since cats and dogs aren't allowed where we live a parakeet is a very good alternative.


  1. How cute - I never knew that parakeets would be this social with human beings! That's quite nice. Fingers crossed for you getting a new little lovely fella!


  2. I love the way she turned herself pink with the stone - never knew that could happen to birds! hope you get a new companion soon <3

  3. I looove parakeets, I grew up with one that said over 100 phrases and words, he was quite the rascal! Oh but shes beautiful, is she champagne pink?? Oh my word shes fancy!!

  4. Thank you dear ladies and Nicole WOW! our little darling didn't say any words but yes she was champagne pink and very fancy and loved to "groom" my hair;)


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