Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dame Elizabeth Taylor

What a lady, what a life... Still going strong!
I am ever so fascinated by this enchancing lady and her life story, affairs, marriages, curves, face, eyes, beauty and diamonds...
-Oh, and the movies off course!

The Taylor Burton diamond...

My favorite Oscar couple ( and dress..) ever!!! What a tan...

Cat on a hot tin roof

Maggie the cat...

The V.I.P.S

Butterfield 8

No sale!

The Sandpiper

Cleopatra.. -the costumes in this movie OMG!!!

Read a little of her lifestory here...


  1. An amazing lady....Richard and she were such the perfect couple in many ways

  2. She's so so gorgeous and that jewelry! I loved her so much in the movie Giant, one of my all time favorites!!


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