Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Red hot!

This one is for Gingeyginge....

I'm considering dying my hair! I need a change...
I am a natural honeyblonde. I've been platinum, ash, golden, california... every blonde in the book (I'll dedicate my next post to the blondes...)

-But I've also gone red.. from strawberry blonde to dark ruby, for a couple of years or three...

I did it because of this foxy lady...

Tex Avery's Red Hot Riding Hood

My favorite cartoon red-head... (Not forgetting Jessica Rabbit...)

Here are some more of my favorite red-hot-ladies;)

Lucille Ball

Technicolor galore!!!

..as the panther-tamer in Ziegfeld Follies.. You must see this movie! The opening scene is to die for!

Rita Hayworth

All my red-headed dolls were named Rita... (the brunettes were named Jane (after Russell...) the blondes obviously Betty...)

Tempest Storm
..and Bettie.. I've posted this picture before (I love this image and the wonderful little movie tease it's from...)



  1. Thank YOU and come back to the RED club!!!

  2. You're welcome! Not sure if the Red club will accept fake reds?...


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