Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas gifts..

As I told you in an earlier post, my mother-in-law Hanne gave me some pretty special gifts for Christmas.

She gave me tree bags..

One that belonged to a dear friend of her mother...
This gorgeus brown alligator/crocodile one.. (I have the perfect shoes to match -brown velvet and croc. with fringes...)

This little satin beaded darling that belonged to her grandmother.. (She wanted to give me this for my wedding but we got married in Vegas without anyone knowing... She was a bit dissapointed..)

Again I have the shoes to match (-a pair of 40's satin platforms probably wedding shoes looks like they've only been worn once great condition and original box...)

And my favorite that also belonged to her grandmother..
A grey lizard with head and eyes!

I have no shoes to match this darling but I use it anyway!

She also gave me some jewellery that belonged to her grandmother..

Pearls, faux off course, 6 rows with matching clip-ons (also ment as a wedding gift...)

Cherry amber and silver brooch which is probably my favorite..

Navy, white and yellow plastic clip-ons from the 50's 60's

She also gave me some hankerchiefs and a darling 30's 40's silk blouse that also belonged to her grandmother.
I will post pictures of it later on I simply have to make a new skirt that can do this gem justice.

She has always told me that I have the same taste in clothes, jewelry and lingerie as her grandmother . She always laughs when she comes to visit and my frilly, lace, pastel peignoirs and nightgowns are scattered all over our bedroom "Just like grandma'" she says..
She told me she is so happy to pass these wonderful items on to someone who truly appreciates them I feel some honored... I intent to take great care of these heirloms and hopefully pass them along to someone down the line...
Nothing's better than vintage with a history.


  1. Oh wow, so many great things! I wish my MIL gave me things like that!!

  2. Wow, I love the lizard bag..fabulous! The parcel arrived yesterday and I love love love everything. Thanks so much doll, i will post pics soon! x

  3. Wowee Im *Swooning* with envy. What wonderful vintage pieces. How lovely they are yours now and they will continue to be treasured heirlooms for the future. My MIL gave me a teaset that belonged to Mr K's grandmother and I love it. I often wonder what gossip took place over cups of tea many moons ago X

  4. Wowee at that lizard bad, amazing! How lucky you are to have so many lovely pieces passed onto you xx

  5. So many great gifts! I wish I had someone who could pass such lovely items on to me.


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