Friday, January 8, 2010

Winterblue giveaway!

I'm proud to present my very first give-away! Trying to turn the winter blues into something good...
So speaking of blue.. light blue is one of my favorite colors whether it's periwinkle, robins egg, sky, baby, aqua.. you name it, I love it.
Therefore the giveaways theme is blue...

First here's some pictures to get you in the mood...

Happy Birthday to the King!

..and now for the prize...

A lovely little fascinator made (by me..) from new and vintage materials such as tulle, nylon and satin. It has a round base and comb attached to it and is sure to brighten even the darkest of days...

A pair of never worn vintage plastic clip on earrings. These beautiful bouquets of blue flowers with pearls in the center fill your ear with promises of spring.

A pair of new plastic bow hairclips with sweet little forget-me-nots in their center.

Rules to enter:

1. Be a follower of my blog -newcomers are off course more than welcome...
2. Link to this competition on your own blog and Twitter if possible...
3. Comment on this by telling what you do when you get the blues.. (It doesn't have to be a long answer..)

The winner will be announced Monday Jan. 18th...

Good luck!


  1. What a divine set of pictures and even more divine set of gifts!

    When I get the blues I put on a pretty dress, reach for the red lipstick, put The Andrews Sisters on, and dance around the boudoir! (don't tell anyone)

  2. oooo! New follower here!

    when i get blue, i go on youtube and find music to listen to with a beverage in my hand... usually that beverage is cheap beer. : )

    and then... I DANCE!

  3. I'm a new follower too! When I get the winter blues, I close all of the windows so I cant see the grey, turn on all of the lights and pretend that it's sunshine then I sew a fabulous dress or skirt and wear it out the next day, no matter what the temperature or depth of snow!

  4. I already follow you :)

    When i get the blues, i stick on a classic or girly film, snuggle in my bed and eat lots of chocolate! What a lovely little fascinator! xx

  5. I am a new follower and I love your beautiful blog! When I get blue, a glass of Merlot and some vintage (or not) girlie movies to perk me up!

  6. Oh and I blogged about it and tweeted !

  7. Im a new follower what a cute little fascinator when I get the winter blues I usually like to watch one of my favorite classic movies and eat some popcorn or I sometimes make outfits for another occasion.

  8. When I get the blues I like to read. I throw myself into a really good book. It helps me "get away"!! Great Giveaway!! I am a new comer and I am glad I found your blog, it's super cute!!

  9. How marvelous! When I get the blues I listen to George Michael's "Faith." Or I read through my favorite magazine!

  10. Cute fascinator, well done! <3
    Those earrings are to die for!

    When I get the winter blues I sew.
    It's a nice way to spend my time and I get a very satisfying feeling of accomplishment and nothing beats that.

    I am a follower and here's the link to your lovely giveaway.

  11. I watch something like Grease or Rocky Horror Show and break out the chocolate!
    -Andi x


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